Pars Sadra Co.

    بزرگترین تولید کننده نایلون های حباب دار

    محافظ ضربه گیر و پاکت های حبابدار و آنتی استاتیک

    پارس صدرا عایق حرارتی برودتی دیوار

    عایق های حرارتی و برودتی

    با ضخامت بسیار کم و مقاومت و کارایی بالا


    Pars drain sheet drain Mesh

    Suitable for spraying concrete and plaster with applications

    The walls of the basement


    Excavated rock surfaces

    ProductsThe largest manufacturer of nylon insulated bubble and a variety of cold and humid

    Pars Drain

    Pars Drain is a dimpled plastic sheet with applications

    Pars Drain Geo

    Pars drain Geo drainage sheets provide effective drainage and waterproof membrane protection

    Pars Drain Mesh

    Pars Drain Mesh drainage sheets act as a base for shotcrete and plaster and provide efficient drainage

    Based quality management system standard ISO 9001: 9008

    Step to enhance and improve the quality management system and satisfying its customers and stakeholders removed and the prospect of achieving organizational objectives and goals we will achieve