Pars Drain is a dimpled plastic sheet with applications for:
    •    internal drainage of basement walls
    •    creating a capillary break under concrete ground slabs
    •    waterproofing membrane protection of underground structures

    Pars Drain drainage sheets provide efficient drainage on:
    •    Ground slabs
    •    Basement walls
    •    Sports fields & golf courses
    •    Chemical storage areas

    Dimpled drainage sheets offer many advantages including:
    •    Wide, lightweight rolls that allow rapid and low cost installation
    •    Creation of efficient drainage and vapour barriers between diaphragm and internal walls
    •    Resistance to puncturing when installed as a vapour and drainage barrier under concrete slabs
    •    Replacement of lean concrete sub-base slabs without compromising load-bearing capacity
    •    Creation of a cavity control layer in chemical storage areas
    •    Acting as a protection layer over waterproofing membranes

    Dimpled Drain Sheet
    Color: Natural, Material: 100% New HDPE
    Dimple height: 8.5 mm
    Roll Width: 255cm
    Weight of per unit area: 650-1000 gr/ m² (+/- 3%)
    Air gap volume between dimple: 5.8 L/ m²
    Temperature range: Minus 30 to 80 C
    Drainage Capacity: approx. 4.6 l/s/m
     approx. 276 l/min/m
     approx. 16500 l/h/m
    Compression strength: up to 260 KN/m2 (26 ton/ m2 ) according to customer request
    Toxicity: Non Toxic, Non Polluting
    Number of dimple: Approximately 2000 per unit
    Service life expectancy: > 25 years at (PH between 4 and 9 and temperature < 25 C).
    Biological / chemical resistance: Resistant to ground chemicals, rot, moulds, algae, bacteria and root penetration. Does not affect potable water.
    Fire resistance: B2 (DIN 4102) according to customer request
    Standards: Pars Drain is manufactured and tested according to DIN 18 195, DIN 4095, DIN 4102, DIN 53 576 and BS 8102

    1. Diaphram wall
    2. Pars Drain
    3. Internal wall
    4. Waterproofing membrane
    5. Weep-hole
    6. Scupper drain
    7. Soil
    8. Drain pipe
    9. Pars Drain
    10. Pars Drain edge profile

    Having Integrated Management System ISO 9001:2008 certified from ICIM Italy.

    Product and Company Identification

    TRADEMARK: ParsSdra Air bubble wrap

    PRODUCT TYPE: Air bubble wrap

    MANUFACTURER: ParsSadra Co.

    No. 1625, Oghab St. Saadi Blvd, Abbas Abad Industrial Town, 35th Km Khavaran Road, Tehran 33931-77763 Iran Tel.: +98 21 36424841 Fax: +98 21 36424844

    Composition/Information on Ingredients

    High-density polyethylene

    Hazards Identification

    Under normal conditions, the product is not dangerous.

    First Aid Measures

    Skin contact: In case of burns caused by hot substance, clean the area with plenty of cold water to remove heat. Consult a physician if burning sensation persists. ALL BURNS REQUIRE MEDICAL ATTENTION.

    Fire Fighting Measures

    Appropriate extinguishing media: Dry chemical, Foam, CO2, Sand, Water spray. NEVER USE DIRECT WATER JET.

    Risks of exposure: Prolonged exposure to hot fumes causes respiratory problems.

    Firefighting equipment for fire brigade: Respiratory protection.

    Accidental Release Measures




    Handling and Storage

    Handling: No special measures required.

    Storage: Keep away from fire. Use in places with good ventilation, preferably with fire security system. Store under cover.

    Exposure Controls and Personal Protection

    Personal protection: When manipulating hot product, wear protective clothing (helmet, gloves, boots, etc. resistant to high temperature). Avoid contact with skin. Under normal conditions it is not necessary to use breathing apparatus, it is enough with a good ventilation to minimise risk of overexposure to vapour, fumes or dust.

    Physical and Chemical Properties

    Physical state: Solid at room temperature.

    Color: White.

    Odour: None.

    Stability and Reactivity Data

    Conditions: It does not degrade with adequate use.

    Decomposition products: Thermal decomposition may produce fumes with carbon monoxide that can ignite in presence of flames or infrared panels.

    Toxicological Information

    Primary irritative effect of the skin: It does not cause irritation.

    Eye irritation: The product is not irritating.

    Additional toxicological information: According to our experience and information, the product does not cause any adverse health effect if properly handled in compliance with standard systems.

    Ecological Information

    It can be mechanically separated in a purification plant for waste water. With respect to the product´s consistency, there is no possibility of dispersion in the environment. For this reason, it does not cause any negative effect on the environment.

    Disposal Considerations

    Recycle when possible. It can also be disposed of together with household refuse or incinerated, paying attention to technical regulations and having previously consulted competent authorities.

    Transport Information

    The product is NOT considered DANGEROUS for transport (ADR, RID, UN, IATA/ICAO).

    Regulatory Information

    The product is not considered dangerous. The product does not require special labelling.

    Other Information

    This security data sheet is based on the European Community laws (91/155/CEE).