Pars Sadra root dates back to more than half a century ago in 1941 and it was founded by Mounesan family to supply the high demand of polymeric products in Iran. It was around the same time that very first injection machines were imported to Iran. After several expansions, in 1987 Pars Sadra became the company as we known today. Since its very first days, Pars Sadra has remained a reliable and dependable supplier of polymer products in Iran.

    Pars Sadra has utilized modern technologies and machineries to produce its products ranging from air based impact protection, thermal insulation and dimpled drainage sheets. Our mission is to constantly monitor the quality of our products to ensure highest customer satisfaction as well as bringing new and valuable products to the market.

    • To create proper and productive work environment for our employees
    • To maintain strong relationships between management and employees
    • To assure our employees’ personal and career development
    • To constantly retain high customer satisfaction rate and build relations based on trust
    • To search for new and effective ways to reduce our waste and improve our processes efficiency
    • To use high quality raw materials
    • To maintain outstanding customer service at all levels
    • To continuously upgrade our procedures based on R&D efforts
    • To supply high quality products with competitive prices
    • To constantly educate our employees

    Pars Sadra’s vision is to become one of the major supplier of polymeric products in the region and beyond through advancing technologies and bringing new products to the market, manufacturing our products to the stand high international standards, obtaining certificates from well-known institutes and cooperation with international companies.